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Who We Are

Who We Are

Next Hackathon: June  23rd

Project Encoder is a non-profit dedicated to making STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields more accessible to students of all backgrounds. We strive to make coding and the production of programs a high interest for students and to encourage them to go into coding oriented fields in the future, both in high school and beyond.


How do we achieve both of these goals? Simply put,​ Project Encoder runs hackathons in the bay area, and all of the proceeds go toward giving schools and students access to STEM-based supplies and resources, such as laptops or iPads. In turn, the hackathon itself helps promote creativity and confidence in the young coders who attend.

Shirin Afrakhteh

Shirin Afrakhteh is a Senior at California High School. She is an aspiring video game developer and designer. She has worked as a mentor in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District's Imagineering Program for over a year and has received an award of excellence from the Board of Education for her work as a mentor. Shirin helped run the San Ramon school district's first-ever hackathon (read about it here). 


In addition to a deep love for STEM programs, Shirin is also a digital artist, journalist, poet, and photographer. She is currently the managing editor for The Californian newspaper as well as captain of her school's Mock Trial team. 


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